Taking care of your boiler just got easier.

We work with accredited heating engineers and reputable insurers to find the best comparable cover policies for your heating and hot water systems.

Did you know that without boiler insurance, the average boiler breakdown cost is around £420, and could even end up costing over £2500 if your boiler needs replacing!

But having boiler cover is important for so much more than just the money you'll save. It provides you with peace of mind that whenever you might need it, you can get your heating and boiler back up and running in no time, and without any unexpected extra costs.

Here at ComparePAL we work with reputable boiler cover providers to help homeowners, like you, find the best comparable boiler cover policies for your heating and hot water systems.

Whether you're looking for an emergency repair, an annual service or day to day boiler cover, ComparePAL has you covered.

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What is boiler cover?

Particularly in the winter months, your boiler is one of the most important parts of your home. It heats your water and keeps you warm, so it's essential that it's kept in good working order.

  • Boiler cover may include an annual service to make sure your boiler is working safely and efficiently, whilst preserving the manufacturer warranty (if new).

  • Covers the cost of repairs or in some cases, if it can't be fixed, a contribution towards the cost of a replacement boiler.

  • And guarantees an engineer is available to help if you need them.

Here at ComparePAL, we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their boiler cover, which is why we work closely with our partners to offer a wide range of options that will suit you perfectly.

Boiler Cover

Whether you're looking for a plan that covers all the basics, or something a little more comprehensive with extra perks and benefits, we've got you covered.